Three Underrated Draft Prospects

Billy Preston

Following an incident that left Billy Preston being suspended from the NCAA not even a game into the regular season, the once five-star recruit, McDonald’s All-American and Kansas commit soon found his draft stock plummeting. Despite not playing this past season, Preston has the ideal traits of a big man in his length, shot blocking ability and rebounding, making him a great addition to any team that is willing to take a chance on him.

Grayson Allen

By no means would Grayson Allen getting drafted make fans happy given his character concerns, his success at the collegiate level should intrigue just about any NBA team. His combination of high shooting efficiency, good handle and ideal frame fits the NBA’s mold of a solid guard.

Mitchell Robinson

A consensus top-10 player in High School, Robinson took a big hit in his draft stock after being ruled ineligible by the NCAA for leaving Western Kentucky for the second time in just over the span of two months. For a team that can overlook what seems like a lack of loyalty, he offers extreme length, athleticism and potential to be a stretch five.


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