3 Realistic Coaching Candidates For The Bucks To Consider

Photo By: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

David Fizdale

Since being wrongfully discharged by the Memphis Grizzlies just nineteen games into the season, David Fizdale has been widely considered to be the top coaching candidate on the open market and for good reason. Despite being a mere 43 years old, Fizdale is just as accomplished as any other free agent coach, having accumulated an impressive two rings and nine playoff appearances over the span of his sixteen seasons. Not to mention, Fizdale’s experience on the defensive end could be of help to this one-sided Milwaukee Bucks team.

Joe Prunty

By no means would the Bucks be making a big splash by hiring Joe Prunty on a permanent basis, but given the Bucks are going to the playoffs despite the coaching change, he is going to be at least considered for the gig.

Jerry Stackhouse

An 18-year NBA veteran, Stackhouse might just be the next player to get a head coaching gig in the NBA. Given the success Stackhouse has had with the Toronto Raptors’ developmental team, he is bound to get some real interest from teams all throughout the league. It makes sense that fans would like to think the Bucks are one of those teams, considering the history they’ve had with Stackhouse.




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